Bench test of capacitor module

Scientific Research to Market Transformation

Supercapacitors offer a combination of energy and power that complements other electrochemical storage and conversion devices, including batteries and fuel cells.

Inmatech is developing next generation supercapacitor devices that incorporate low-cost, high-performance materials in proprietary designs.  These devices use aqueous electrolytes that are safe (non-flammable) and inexpensive.

Providing Affordable Innovative Technology

Inmatech’s next generation supercapacitor provides improvements that will enable rapid expansion and adaptability in key markets. It stands to transform industries through new applications in power management for electrified vehicles, defense, and peak power buffering for smart grids.

Currently available commercial supercapacitors fall short of cost targets established for large-scale applications. The cost must be decreased by at least a factor of two and the energy density doubled for broad market acceptance.

Our power and energy management solutions also give markets the possibility of transitioning from the current hydrocarbon economy to a hydrogen-electron economy.