Inmatech Enters Phase II Development of Next Generation Supercapacitor through Second NSF Grant

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Two research companies team up with Inmatech to prove commercial applications for next generation supercapacitor

Ann Arbor, Michigan — September 1, 2012 — Inmatech, an emerging company dedicated to developing and bringing the next generation supercapacitors to market, announced today Phase II of its project research, which has been made possible through a newly awarded grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Two companies, Fraunhofer USA and PIDC (Pacific Industrial Development Corporation), will participate in the Phase II program supported by the NSF Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding.

NSF granted Inmatech a Phase II award to demonstrate that the next generation supercapacitor can meet or exceed the cost and performance targets set by the United States Advanced Battery Consortium for Freedom Car applications.

The research project will be conducted in the venture accelerator on the campus of the University of Michigan, where Inmatech’s founders work, teach, invent and collaborate. The U-M Office of Technology Transfer helps the company leverage the commercial potential of the supercapacitor, by licensing the product, attracting investment and actively moving it from lab to commercial marketplace.

Supercapacitors could accelerate the development of battery electric vehicles (BEV) that are currently struggling with further improvements of batteries for higher energy storage respectively longer range and lower cost. Inmatech is developing a next generation supercapacitor device that incorporates low-cost, high-performance materials in proprietary designs.  These devices use aqueous electrolytes that are safe (non-flammable) and beneficial to alternative automotive development.

“We’ve already confirmed the technical feasibility of the scientific processes and alternative materials that make our supercapacitor so unique and beneficial to new markets. We’re proud of private and federal support that we have received including a recent grant from the NSF, as well as strategic partnerships with Fraunhofer USA and PDIC. These partnerships will help Inmatech bring product to a number of important commercial markets,” said Professor Levi Thompson, Inmatech Co-Founder and Board Chairman.

Through a strategic partner with Inmatech, Fraunhofer will develop new packaging technologies tailored to the specific requirements of advanced supercapacitors. Fraunhofer is a globally operating non-profit organization for applied research and development.

Through its partnership with Inmatech, PIDC will develop scale up production processes, as well as provide materials in large quantity that offer significant cost and performance advantages, compared to other commercially available materials for energy storage.

In addition to extending the range of battery powered vehicles, devices developed during this SBIR program could also support efforts to minimize the nation’s production of greenhouse gases and reduce dependence on foreign energy sources. Federal agencies including the Department of Defense will also benefit, in particular, for applications such as extended range vehicles, exoskeleton systems, and electromagnetic armors.


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