Call for Investors

Cost-effective electrical energy storage is a global challenge that must be met to reduce CO2 emission and our dependency on foreign oil. Fuel efficient cars, trucks and fleet vehicles as well as renewable energy supply are commonly seen as the technology revolution of the 21st century.

Inmatech is backed by strong representation and partnerships in its product development. Its competitive advantage stems from the expertise of its team, unique technology advancement and innovative market applications.

Inmatech owns the IP for using nitride and carbide based supercapacitors (U.S. Patents 5,680,292 and 5,837,630) and holds the option for an exclusive license for asymmetric cell design incorporating nitrides and carbides from the University of Michigan.

Inmatech’s first generation prototypes already deliver performance characteristics comparable to commercial products. Ongoing development efforts will quadruple performance and leverage the low cost potential of our abundantly available materials.

Initial financing and funding will be used to develop the production technologies and strengthen our supply chain, as well as to install the first production line. It will also supply alpha-cells and modules to U.S. and European car manufacturers.

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For investors, Inmatech offers a promising opportunity for revenue growth within the growing energy market.