Our Partners

Fraunhofer USA

Fraunhofer CLT is part of Fraunhofer, a globally operating non-profit organization for applied research and development. Fraunhofer offers novel laser processes, components and systems for industrial manufacturing that are developed and manufactured in its facility in Plymouth, Michigan. Fraunhofer has been conducting applied research and development for more than 15 years and has developed numerous laser applications under contract with industry and government.

As a strategic partner with Inmatech, Fraunhofer will develop new packaging technologies tailored to the specific requirements of advanced supercapacitors. Fraunhofer has extensive expertise in the sizing of electrodes and the assembly of cells and modules for energy storage devices, such as lithium-ion batteries. The organization’s know-how in lasers processing technology, controls and system engineering enables seamless development of customized assembly processes and complete workstations for prototyping.

PIDC logoBased in Ann Arbor (Mich.), PIDC (Pacific Industrial Development Corporation) is a technology and solutions company, focused on producing specialty chemicals and performance nanomaterials for a wide array of environmentally focused products. The company has a strong record of developing and manufacturing materials that deliver consistent, reliable performance under demanding conditions.

As a strategic partner with Inmatech, PIDC will develop new Vanadium Nitride production processes, as well as provide materials in large quantity that offer significant cost and performance advantages, compared to other commercially available materials for energy storage.

University of Michigan Office of Technology Transfer logo

Inmatech’s leadership team was formed through the University of Michigan, where the team works, teaches, and collaborates. Inmatech bases its offices and research facilities at the venture accelerator on the University of Michigan campus. The U-M Office of Technology Transfer is making it possible to bring the innovative next generation supercapacitor to market, by actively helping to license the product for commercial applications. It also works on behalf of Inmatech to acquire funding and private industry investment.